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  Falernus   - a mountian and plain in Campania, Italy; famous for its wine
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  + Falerna , Falernian
318/39 Two new Roman tribes are created, Ufentina and Falerna.
90/7 Cn.Pompeius is defeated by the Italians near Mount Falernus.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.1578   her Lucius Papius of the Falernian tribe, son of Luc
CIL_1.1597   Orfius, son of Marcus, of the Falernian tribe. Rufa,
CIL_1.400   ank of the river Volturnus, in Falernian territory. c.
CIL_1.674   Lucius Lucius Pomponius of the Falernian tribe, son of
CIL_1.699-701 *   Text (i) Esquiline, 102 B.C. Falernian-Massic. In the
Diod_37.3   ould not touch, but only Falernian and Chian, and other
Joseph:AJ_13.260   nius, the son of Caius, of the Falernian tribe, were prese
Plin:HN_37.47   approved specimens are the Falernian, so called because they
Syll_674   (c. 140)   mpronius son of Aulus of the Falernian tribe. Where

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