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  Olympichus   - a Carian ruler, 3rd century B.C.
239/19b letter from Seleucus II to Olympichus, about the sanctuary at Labra
234/4a Inscr_33, a letter from Olympichus to the city of Mylasa.
220/45a Philippus to Olympichus and Mylasa, about the sanctuary at Labraunda
220/45b Inscr_31.C and Austin_179c, two letters from Olympichus to Mylasa.
220/45c SEG_58.1220, a decree of Mylasa in honour of Olympichus.
214/23a Rhodes concerning a dispute between Olympichus and Iasus in Caria.
    Within translations:
SEG_58.1220 (c. 220)   crowning the [statue] of Olympichos. On the base sh

  Olympichus   - in documents
OGIS_345 (95/4)   s as a lad for bakery work: Olympichos [to] . . .
Syll_322 nothemis son of Lampitos Olympichos son of Aristoteles
Syll_530 (3rd-2nd century)   ncil, ...ias son of Olympichos → inscription 5
Syll_585 (197-175)   Astyochos: [210] Olympichos of Koroneia, the
Syll_588 (190-180)   s: Dionysikles son of Olympichos , & Mylasians: & T
Syll_685 (112/1)   .   When Olympichos was stephanephoros {of Mag
Syll_705 (112)   ophiliskos [son] of Olympichos - honourable [men] a

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