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  Salvius   - tribune of the plebs, 43 B.C.
43/109 The tribune Salvius and the praetor Minucius are killed, by order of

  Salvius 2   ( C. Salvius Liberalis ) -suffect consul, 85 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Plinius:Ep_2.11 the following day, Salvius Liberalis, a man of shrewd wit,
Plinius:Ep_3.9 assisted the prosecution of Salvius Liberalis before

  Salvius   - in documents
CIL_1.1209 till? :-} Lucius Maecius Salvius, freedman of Lucius;
CIL_1.1219 for always yours. The gift of Salvius and Heros. C
CIL_1.1473 Lucius Statius son of Salvius, members of the Boar
CIL_1.1794 Septimius Dentio son of Salvius, and Lucius Annius Gr
CIL_1.1806 iopius son of Gaius, and Salvius Aiopius son of Vibius
CIL_1.2486 ranted. CIL_1 .2486 Salvius Seius. Pillar f
CIL_1.2634 CIL_1 .2634 Latin Text Aulus Salvius and Sextus Salv
CIL_1.2635 CIL_1 .2635 Latin Text Sextus Salvius son of Aulus l
CIL_1.386 Apollo. CIL_1 .386 Salvius Burtius. On st
CIL_1.387 Jupiter. CIL_1 .387 Salvius Flavius and Sta

Salviussee Tryphon2

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