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  Sogdiana   - a region east of Persia, and north of Bactria
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  + Sogd , Sogdians
Arrian:Fr_9   of Soli, Bactria, and Sogdiana ; to Siburtius Arachosia
ExcBarb_34A   to Stasanorus He gave Sogdiana for the [? younger] Phil
Just_12.5   ies of the Bactrians and Sogdians, and distributed among
Just_13.4   trians, (?) Staganor the Sogdians, Philippus the Parthians
Just_41.6   rom contentions with the Sogdians, the Arachosians, the
Oros_3.23   Bactrians; Scythaeus, the Sogdians; Stacanor, the Parthians;
Polyaen_8.26.1   northward to the Saccae and Sogdians. No Assyrian befor
PsCallisth_3.17   ich they call Sôd [Sogd], and the country was very
StephByz_70   lack Gulf { Melas Kolpos }. In Sogdiana, near Parapamisida

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