OGIS: 45


Greek text:   IC_3.4.3
Date: 266-262 B.C.

Two copies of this decree survive. Dittenberger published a different version of it (IC_3.4.2), but the more complete version is shown here.   Itanos soon became an important base for Ptolemaic forces in Crete; see R.S.Bagnall, "The Administration of the Ptolemaic Possessions Outside Egypt", pp.120-121 ( Google Books ).

God. Decision of the kosmos. It was resolved by the council and assembly of Itanos: since Patroklos of Macedonia, the son of Patron, who was sent as general to Crete by king Ptolemaios, has acted well and justly towards the city of Itanos, and has frequently co-operated with the Itanians so that the affairs of the city remain secure, with the Itanians governed according to their own laws, and they they can inhabit their territory in all security; therefore it is resolved by the Itanians to grant Patroklos the status of proxenos and benefactor and citizen, both for himself and for his descendants; and they can share in all our affairs, both sacred and secular. The kosmeteres in office with Aigon shall inscribe this decision on stone steles, and place them in the temple of the Athena and the temple of Asklepios.

inscription 46

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