Royal Correspondence: 28


Original text:   Asylia_8
Date:     c. 240 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

{ Welles, who only saw a small fragment of this inscription, supposed that the letter might have been written by Attalos I. }

[King Ptolemaios to the council] and people [of Kos], greetings . . . that has been announced to me by Phainis, the leader of your sacred ambassadors and the other sacred ambassadors, Philophron and Archepolis, concerning the sacrifice that you are performing to Asklepios, and concerning the inviolability of the temple of Asklepios; for [they say] that the Amphictyons have passed a decree about these matters, and that envoys have been sent to the other kings and nations to request that we accept the sacrifice and the festival and the inviolability of the temple, especially out of [respect for the divinity], but also on account of yourselves; for the envoys announced that the statue that you voted for me has been set up, and that you accept the games {Ptolemaieia}, which I am holding at Hiera Nesos. Farewell.

letter 29

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