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  Ptolemaea   - a festival celebrated at Alexandria, in honour of the Ptolemaic dynasty
  + Ptolemaeeia
278/13 the League of Islanders about the institution of the Ptolemaeeia.
278/14 emaeus I and Berenice, and the first celebration of the Ptolemaeeia.
261/4a decree of the Amphictyons, confirming the status of the Ptolemaeeia.
256/8 Sosibius wins the boys' race at the Ptolemaea.
226/1 tter from Peteimuthes, concerning preparations for the Ptolemaeeia
    Within translations:
OGIS_67   (c. 280-270)   crown at the next Ptolemaia in Delos; and he shall
OGIS_771   (196/5)   Panathenaia, Eleusinia and Ptolemaia festivals. It
RC_28   (c. 240)   accept the games {Ptolemaieia}, which I am holding
SEG_28.60   (270/69)   rst established the Ptolemaia, the sacrifice and th
SEG_36.1218   (243/2)   as theoroi to the Ptolemaia and the Theadelpheia,
Syll_1080   (c. 276-219) The Ptolemaia at Alexandria in the boxing
Syll_667   (161/0)   athenaia and Eleusinia and Ptolemaia in the gymna
THI_94   (c. 266-260)   ds the games of the] Ptolemaieia; and [the hieromne

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