Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 347


Greek text:   IG_2².496
Date:     303/2 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Nothing else is known about Solon apart from this inscription. Like other influential friends of Antigonos and Demetrios, he was granted full Athenian citizenship.

When Leostratos was archon, in the twelfth [prytany of the Aiantis tribe], with Diophantos [of Phegous, the son of Dionysodoros], as secretary; on the ... day [of Skirophorion], which was the [31st day] of the prytany, [in assembly]; [Epikrates] of Lamptrai, the son of Phileas, and the other presidents put it to the vote on behalf of the presidents; it is resolved by the people, as proposed by [Stratokles] of Diomeia, the son of Euthydemos: 10   since Solon [of Bargylia], the son of Straton, while he was staying [with king Demetrios], continually provided as much help as possible in word and deed both privately to those of the Athenians who arrived to meet the king and publicly to the Athenian people; therefore with good fortune it is resolved by the people to praise him on account of his virtue and his goodwill 20 towards the Athenian people and the kings, and to crown Solon of Bargylia, the son of Straton, with a golden crown as is customary; and he and his descendants shall be Athenian citizens, and shall be enrolled in whichever tribe and deme and phratry he wishes, according to the law; and the presidents shall put the vote about him to the first available assembly; and the thesmothetes in the year when Nikokles is archon 30 shall announce his public scrutiny in the month of Metageitnion, so that all those who are staying with the king may display goodwill towards the people, knowing that they will be rewarded by the people as their goodwill deserves. The secretary of the people shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and place it on the acropolis, 40 and the official in charge of finance shall allocate 30 drachmas for the cost of inscribing the stele.

inscription 348

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