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  Diomeia   - a deme in Attica
Athen_6.260   temple of Heracles in Diomeia, and who say laughable
Athen_14.614   ly, in the Heracleium at Diomeia they assembled to the num
Plut:Mor_852   the son of Euthydemus of Diomeia, proposed; that, - since
SEG_16.60   (320-305)   osed by Stratokles of Diomeia, the son of Euthyde
Syll_1089   (307/6) in comedies was [Philemon] of Diomeia, son of Damon.
Syll_326   (307/6)   sal of Stratokles [of Diomeia, the son of Euthydem
Syll_328   (304)   ed by [Stratokles] of Diomeia, son of Euthydemos: s
Syll_347   (303/2)   ed by [Stratokles] of Diomeia, the son of Euthyde
Syll_542   (228/7-212/1)   hon:] [Heliodoros] of Diomeia basileus:] Olympiod

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