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  Bibulus   (C. Publicius Bibulus) - tribune of the plebs, 209 B.C.
209/13 The tribune C.Publicius Bibulus attacks Marcellus' handling of the
    Within translations:
CIL_1.834 Text C. Publicius Bibulus, probably tribune in 209 B

  Bibulus 2   (M. Calpurnius Bibulus) - Roman consul, 59 B.C.
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60/15 After widespread bribery, Bibulus overcomes L.Lucceius and is elected
59/_ Consuls: C. Julius C.f. Caesar, M. Calpurnius C.f. Bibulus
59/16 The consul Bibulus retires to his home, and refrains from public busi
59/42 Clodius prevents Bibulus from making a speech at the end of his year
51/58 After some delay, Bibulus arrives to be the new Roman governor of Syr
50/14 The sons of M.Bibulus are murdered in Egypt.
50/19 Bibulus stays within the walls of Antioch, until the Parthians have
50/39 a supplication for the success of his son-in-law Bibulus in Syria.
50/55a M.Bibulus removes the statues of Zeus and Athena from
48/2 Bibulus captures some of Caesar's transport ships while they are retu
48/5 Bibulus maintains a blockade of Caesar's forces, but dies at sea
48/81 orators who died this year: Bibulus, Appius Claudius, L.Domitius,
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_267   nhappy war, was M. Bibulus, who, though not a professed
FastCap_p76   aesar , M. Calpurnius C.f. . . Bibulus [58] & L. Calpurniu
Malal_211   ful general called Bibulus came to a village on the coast
Oros_6.6   localities, among the Paeligni by Bibulus and among the Bruttii by
Oros_6.7   of C. Caesar and L. Bibulus 59 B.C. the three provinces
Oros_6.15   to carry Capua by assault. Bibulus died from lack of food
ValMax_4.1.15   here to foreign examples, Marcus Bibulus, a person of great dignity,

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