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  Caecilius   (C. Caecilius) - military tribune, 260 B.C.
260/7 Hamilcar defeats Caecilius near Segesta.

  Caecilius 2   (Caecilius Statius) - a Latin comic poet of the early 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
179/28 The poet Caecilius is in his prime.
168/58 Caecilius' cognomen "Statius" indicates that he was originally a slav
168/59 The death of the dramatist Caecilius Statius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_258 heir two contemporaries, Caecilius and Pacuvius, spoke ver
Hieron:Chron_king in Ar.] Statius Caecilius, the writer of comedies, was
Hieron:Chron_1859 es, Terentius read the play to Caecilius who greatly admir

  Caecilius 3   (C. Caecilius, or Caelius) - Roman commander in Gaul, 90 B.C.
90/28 C.Caecilius defeats the Salluvii.

  Caecilius 4   (Q. Caecilius) - the brother-in-law of L.Catilina
81/3 relius (? Lollius), Baebius, Q.Caecilius, Carrinas, Damasippus, Cn.De

  Caecilius 5   (Q. Caecilius) - the uncle of Atticus
58/60 Atticus receives a large inheritance from his uncle Q.Caecilius.
    Within translations:
Nepos:Att_5 had an uncle, Quintus Caecilius, a Roman knight, an int
Nepos:Att_22 sepulchre of his uncle Quintus Caecilius. Attalus' home

  Caecilius 6   of Cale Acte - a Greek writer and teacher of rhetoric, at the time of Augustus
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.272 royed in them. And Caecilius, the orator from Cale Acte,
Athen_11.466 war. [15.]   And Caecilius the orator who came from Cale
Plut:Mor_832 surnamed Nestor. Caecilius, in a tract which he wrote
Plut:Mor_833 tten sixty orations; but Caecilius supposes twenty-five
Plut:Mor_* 836-840 * of which Dionysius and Caecilius affirm only two hundred
Plut:Mor_838 enuine; but according to Caecilius, twenty-eight; and the

  Caecilius 7   - a Roman, who lived at the time of Julius Caesar
44/33 Caecilius, Cratippus, Pompeius Trogus, Q.Sextius and Theopompus

  Caecilius   - in documents
CIL_1.1202 CIL_1 .1202 Latin Text Marcus Caecilius. On stone. F
CIL_1.1430 CIL_1 .1430 Quintus Caecilius. Marble epist
CIL_1.1645 1645 [viii] Quintus Caecilius, a generous
CIL_1.1759 di Sangro. Marcus Caecilius, son of Lucius, and Lucus
CIL_1.2693 ilippus, slave of Lucius Caecilius Seleucus, slave of
CIL_1.633 116 B.C. Lucius Caecilius, proconsul, son of Quin
SelPap_1.186 and for Taptollous daughter of Caecilius 3 ob. ; on

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Caeciliussee Classicus

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