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  Claudia   - daughter of Ap. Claudius Caecus, 3rd century B.C.
246/47 Claudia is convicted of treason for remarks about her brother.

  Claudia 2   - grand-daughter of Ap. Claudius Caecus, who led the image of Cybele into Rome
  + Valeria
204/3 Rome; P.Scipio Nasica and Claudia are chosen to lead it into the
    Within translations:
Diod_34.33   Nasica to be the best man, and Valeria the best woman.
Plin:HN_7.120   by the test of religion, Claudia, when the Mother of the
ValMax_1.8.11   fire. The statue of Quinta Claudia, placed near the entry into

  Claudia 4   - a Vestal virgin, daughter of the consul of 143 B.C.
143/14 with the support of his daughter Claudia, who is a Vestal virgin.

  Claudia 5   - the wife of Ti. Gracchus
137/2 Ti.Gracchus marries Claudia.

  Claudia 6   (Clodia Pulchra) - daughter of Fulvia, and briefly wife of Octavianus
41/8 Octavianus repudiates his wife Claudia, the daughter of Fulvia.

  Claudia   - in documents
CIL_1.1211 ildren. CIL_1 .1211 Latin Text Claudia. Tablet or pi
StephByz_70 led Sebastē and Julia and Claudia and Domitiana and

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