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  Enna   - a city in the centre of the island of Sicily
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  + Ennaeans , Henna
278/6 Enna calls in a Carthaginian garrison to protect it against Phintias.
259/17 milcar captures Camarina and Enna, and transfers the inhabitants
258/10 The Romans capture Enna, along with Camicus, Herbessus and Sittana.
213/19 der of the Roman garrison at Henna, orders a massacre of the inhabita
135/1 starts a slave revolt, following the murder of Damophilus at Enna.
133/35 send a religious embassy to Enna, after consulting the Sibylline boo
132/8 Rupilius captures Enna: end of the slave wars.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.608   arcus, took this as booty from Henna. CIL_1 .609 Latin
CIL_1.847   hots found at Castro Giovanni (Henna) in Sicily. 133
Diod_34.2   slave of Antigenes of Enna, and he was a magician and
Diod_36.4   red men out of the garrison at Enna. This Titinius fought
Oros_5.9   and recaptured Tauromenium and Henna, the strongest places of
Polyaen_8.21.1   Pinarius. The Ennaeans, who had decided to renounce
Poseidon_64   2.7) & The location of Enna in Sicily, halfway between
ValMax_1.1.1   they sent ten persons to Henna, where they believed her sacred
ValMax_9.12e.1   consul after the capture of Enna, which had been held by

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