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  Ionia   - a region on the west coast of Asia Minor, colonised by Greeks
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  + Ionian , Ionians , Ionic
303/4 Earthquakes in Ionia.
288/11 (Syll_368), decrees of the Ionian League in honour of Hippodamus
286/1 Demetrius wins over Ionia and Sardis.
270/10 Smyrna is accepted as a new member of the Ionian League.
261/18 a decree of the League of Ionians commemorating the birthday of
246/34 Antiochus grants rights of citizenship to the Greeks(?) in Ionia.
166/1 OGIS_763, a letter from Eumenes II to the Ionian League.
143/15a 53.1312.B, a decree of Metropolis in Ionia, in honour of Apollonius.
Inscriptions,- INSCRIPTIONS, Ionia
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_11.19 treated so impiously the Ionians who had come to them, and
AnthPal_9.424 the most besung of all Ionian cities ! All, like rolling
AntipSid_7.27 Same Anacreon, glory of Ionia, may you among the dead be
AntipThes_9.790 roclus, the queen of the Ionians, swift in battle, most
Apollod:Fr_63 lapsed; and he lived after the Ionian migration. But Arist
Athen_5.201 ities, some of cities of Ionia, and other Greek towns, as
Athen_10.440 the artificial luxury of the Ionians. [55.] On which acc
Athen_12.519 and of foreigners to the Ionians, because they were devote
Athen_12.526 the luxury of all the Ionians, has the following lines
Athen_12.539 letters to the cities in Ionia, and to the Chians first
Athen_13.573 ion to you, Cynulcus, an Ionian story (spinning it out,
Athen_13.576 lows:- "The Phocaeans in Ionia, having consulted the oracl
Athen_13.594 man in common; and the Ionians being amazed at this, as
Athen_14.620 ore his time were called Ionic poems, such as those of Ale
Athen_14.624 Dorians, Aeolians, and Ionians : and accordingly there
Athen_14.625 the Milesians, which the Ionians display, being very proud
Athen_14.629 There was also an Ionian kind of dance practised at drink
Athen_14.644 75;ta) for you. But the Ionians, as Seleucus tells us in
Athen_14.650 to that fruit which in Ionia is called hamamēlis;
DiogLaert_7.56 Attics say thalatta, and the Ionians say hēmerē
DiogLaert_10.10 three times across to Ionia to see his friends, who use
Euseb]:Chron_179 dae until the migration of the Ionians, there are (?) 60
Euseb]:Chron_185 In his reign, the Ionians were driven out of Achaea, and
Euseb]:Chron_189 until the settling of Ionia [1043 B.C.]; there are 159
Euseb]:Chron_243 ong with the rest of the Ionians [? Greeks] who had been
Joseph:AJ_12.125 for when the people of Ionia were very angry at them,
Joseph:BJ_1.425 liberality through all Ionia? and that according to ever
Just_2.12 ving discovered that the Ionians, on whose account they
Just_2.5 Macedonia, and defeated the Ionians in a fight at sea.
Just_* 5.2-5 * onians' fleet; "for the Ionians," he said, "should be cal
Just_38.7 opulence of Lydia and Ionia, which they were not going
Nicand:Ge_74 ows : But the flowers of Ionia you should sow, and all suc
OGIS_54 (c. 246)   ia and Pamphylia and Ionia and the Hellespont and T
Plut:Mor_174 vaded him, solicited the Ionian tyrants that they would
Plut:Phoc_19 ertained in her house an Ionian lady, one of her friends,
Polyaen_1.24.1 med a plan to incite the Ionians to revolt; but he was at
Polyaen_1.30.7 AthPol_22'7] & When the Ionians fought under Xerxes in
Polyaen_1.30.8 Athenians, embarked for Ionia, without making himself kno
Polyaen_1.33.1 means of detaching the Ionians from their support of the
Polyaen_1.47.2 off with his army for Ionia; but then he returned secre
Polyaen_2.37.1 und that there were some Ionians lying in ambush, whom he
Polyaen_6.10.1 for which he hired from Ionia the most celebrated wrestle
Polyaen_6.49.1 enus, who governed Ionia for Alexander, demanded that the
Polyaen_7.20.1 rying to stir up the Greeks in Ionia against him. To disco
Polyaen_7.45.1 rom corrupting the rest of the Ionians. [see also: Herodot
Polyaen_8.35.1 considerable body of the Ionians, who inhabited Miletus,
Polyaen_8.43.1 Chrysame. When the Ionian colonists came to Asia, Cnopus,
SEG_35.926 (c. 289)   by the league of the Ionians: since Hippodamos of
Syll_405 (277)   okrates, Eupeithidas Ionians: Phoi..., (?) Sosibios
Syll_412 (c.260)   ple of Erythrai in Ionia honour Neoptolemos the son
Syll_507 (c. 237/6)   who are enrolled [in Ionia and] on the Hellespont,
Syll_532 (218/7)   stodama of Smyrna in Ionia, the daughter of Amyn
AET_4.12 (41)   e of the kings of the Ionians {the Greek kings} w
Timoth:Pers_139 with tracking down the Ionian speech : 'I me to thee how
Timoth:Pers_202 welve-walled people [the Ionians] that is chief among the

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