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  Lemnos   - an island in the Aegean Sea
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  + Lemnian
314/18 ides drives Aristoteles, the admiral of Cassander, away from Lemnos.
281/24 The inhabitants of Lemnos erect temples in honour of Seleucus and Ant
279/1b ian decree in honour of a cavalry commander on the island of Lemnos.
200/2b letter from Philippus to Athenian cleruchs on the island of Lemnos.
167/30 grees to Athenian control of Lemnos, Haliartus, and Delos, which beco
72/16 but he is defeated and killed in sea battles off Tenedos and Lemnos.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_3.12   saly, of Illyria, and of Lemnos regard jackdaws as benefac
AnthPal_3.10   take thy mother to pleasant Lemnos. [11] Polydectes the
Athen_6.254   Athenians who settled in Lemnos were great flatterers, men
Athen_6.255   say, the Athenians in Lemnos, not only erected temples
Athen_6.258   Antiphanes, in his Lemnian Women, lays it down that flatte
Athen_15.681   greatest perfection in Cyprus and Lemnos, and also in Strongyle and
Cic:Tusc_2.23   pain he suffered for the Lemnian theft, when he clandestinely stole
Lucill_11.239   which they tell, not all Lemnos & nor the excrements of
Nepos_1.1   for the Chersonese. Having reached Lemnos ** and wishing to bring
Nepos_1.2   organised, Miltiades returned to Lemnos and demanded the surrender
Nicand:Th_450   valley of limping Hephaestus's isle Lemnos } or go to storm-beaten
Nicand:Th_860   or take a portion of Lemnian ruddle which is soothing in
Phylarch_29   255'a & The Athenians in Lemnos erect temples to Seleucus
Plin:HN_4.73   miles from Imbros, 22 from Lemnos, and 38 from the coast
Plin:HN_6.216   in Pontus, Paphlagonia, Lemnos, Imbros, Thasos, Cassandria,
Plin:HN_35.31   extracted from the caverns of Lemnos and Cappadocia, the part found
Plin:HN_35.33   to the red ochre of Lemnos. This last approximates very closely
Plin:HN_36.86   there was a third in Lemnos and a fourth in Italy,
Plin:HN_36.90   for the Cretan likewise. The Lemnian which was similar to it,
Polyaen_6.54.1   red by pirates, and carried to Lemnos. There the pirates
Polyaen_7.49.1   rrhenians, who inhabited Lemnos and Imbros, were expelled
PsCallisth_1.13   Pella, and of music the Lemnian Alcippus, of geometry the
Syll_334   (306/5)   Eroiadai from Lemnos and Imbros, 3 talents, 36 dr
THI_44   (c. 315-307)   the (?) the Athenians in Lem]nos. It was resolved
ValMax_4.6e.3   settled in the island of Lemnos, deriving their origin from the

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