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  Mago   - Carthaginian leader, (?) 6th century B.C.
Just_18.7 commander-in-chief, by Mago, by whose exertions the powe

  Mago 4   - Carthaginian admiral, early 3rd century B.C.
279/34 Mago the Carthaginian admiral offers support to the Romans, and a fur
279/35 Mago visits the camp of Pyrrhus on his way back from Rome.
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Just_18.2 In the meantime, Mago, general of the Carthaginians, bei

  Mago 5   - son of Hamilcar; brother of Hannibal
216/38 Mago brings news of the battle of Cannae to Carthage, and shows as
207/17 Silanus defeats Hanno and Mago in Celtiberia.
206/20 Mago leaves Spain for the Balearic Islands; the end of Carthaginian
205/3 Mago arrives in Liguria.
205/14 Mago receives reinforcements from Carthage, and sets about raising
203/16 Mago defeats and captures Cn.Piso.
203/17 Quinctilius Varus defeats Mago, who later dies of his wounds at
Nepos_23.7   as well as his brother Mago. 4 Upon receiving that reply
Nepos_23.8   he dispatched his brother Mago. 2 When the Carthaginians
Oros_4.14   in defeating and capturing Mago, the leader of the
ValMax_7.2e.16   more eminently prudent. For when Mago related the outcome of the

  Mago 6   - a Carthaginian traveller
Athen_2.44 rgive was one. And Mago the Carthaginian passed three time

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