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  Manilius 3   (M'. Manilius) - Roman consul, 149 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
191/30 The mother of Manilius, the consul for 149 B.C., dies in childbirth.
149/_ Consuls: L. Marcius C.f. Censorinus, M'. Manilius P.f.
149/11 Polybius is summoned by Manilius to Lilybaeum, but returns home when
149/30 Manilius informs a senatorial commission of the remarkable achievemen
148/11 Manilius captures Tezaga and other towns.
125/20 M'.Manilius is regularly consulted as an expert on law and other topi
    Within translations:
Cic:Acad_2.102   Censorinus who was Manius Manilius's colleague in the consulship.
Cic:Brut_61   ius Marcius and M'. Manilius [149 B.C.], and but eighty-thr
Cic:Brut_106   ich he did when Censorinus and Manilius were consuls [149
Cic:Brut_108   than Philus; M'. Manilius to possess almost an equal sha
Cic:DeOr_1.212   Sextus Aelius, Manius Manilius, Publius Mucius, as
Cic:DeOr_1.246   Teucer of Pacuvius than the Manilian laws ** on buying and
Cic:DeOr_3.133   we ourselves have seen Manius Manilius walking across the forum a
Cic:Rep_1.18   willing, and just then Manius Manilius came in, a man of
Cic:Rep_1.20   hear yours, unless perhaps Manilius thinks that a provisional
Cic:Rep_1.30   either you or Philus or Manilius ... to such an extent
Cic:Rep_1.34   {21.} [34] When Philus, Manilius, and Mummius had expressed their
Cic:Rep_2.28   this point in Scipio's discourse Manilius said : Is there really
Cic:Rep_3.17   For example, our friend Manilius here, being an interpreter
Cic:Rep_6.9   Africa under the consul Manius Manilius, ** as you know. When
FastCap_p70   ius C.f. C.n. Censorinus , M'. Manilius P.f. P. n. [148]
Oros_4.22   returned to the City. Manilius passed by Carthage and
Plin:HN_7.47   is also the same. Also Manilius who entered Carthage with his
ValMax_5.2e.4   fifty-four sons, he asked M'. Manilius, then proconsul in Africa, to

  Manilius 5   (P. Manilius) - Roman consul, 120 B.C.
120/_ Consuls: P. Manilius P.f., C. Papirius Carbo

  Manilius 7   (C. Manilius) - tribune of the plebs, 66 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
67/48 C.Manilius passes a law which enables freedmen to vote in the same
66/1 The senate revokes Manilius' law on freedmen's voting rights.
66/3 Manilius passes a law to transfer the command of the war against Mith
66/33 puts off the prosecution of Manilius until after the end of the year
65/4 Manilius, the tribune of the previous year, is brought to trial and

  Manilius 9   (Manilius Antiochus) - an astronomer, 1st century B.C.
83/34 ius Syrus and the astronomer Manilius all arrive on the same ship,

Maniliussee Crispus2

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