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  Megellus   (L. Postumius Megellus) - Roman consul, 305 B.C.
  + Postumius
305/_ Consuls: L. Postumius L.f. Megellus, Ti. Minucius M.f. Augurinus
294/_ Consuls: L. Postumius L.f. Megellus (II), M. Atilius M.f. Regulus
294/1 mnium as their province, but Postumius is kept at Rome by ill health.
294/11 Postumius joins Atilius in Samnium, and the Samnites retreat before
294/12 Postumius captures Milionia and Feritrum.
294/13 Postumius dedicates the temple of Victoria.
293/1 The triumph of Postumius, over the Samnites and Etruscans.
291/_ Consuls: L. Postumius L.f. Megellus (III), C. Junius C.f. Bubulcus
291/2 L.Postumius, as interrex, presides over his own election as consul
291/4 L.Postumius is recalled from his province, and subsequently brought
291/9 Romans found a colony at Venusia, which was captured by Postumius.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p48 305] & L. Postumius L.f. Sp.n. Megellus , Ti. Minucius .
FastCap_p50 294] & L. Postumius L.f. Sp.n. Megellus II , M. Atilius
FastTr_p97 stumius L.f. Sp.n. Megellus, consul (II), & over the Samni

  Megellus 2   (L. Postumius Megellus) - Roman consul, 262 B.C.
  + Postumius
262/_ Consuls: L. Postumius L.f. Megellus, Q. Mamilius Q.f. Vitulus
253/16 ius resigns as censor, after the death of his colleague L.Postumius.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p54 [262] & L. Postumius L.f. L.n. Megellus , Q. Mamilius Q.f.

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