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  Norbanus   (C. Norbanus) - Roman consul, 83 B.C.
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103/12 are both exiled, following riots instigated by the tribune Norbanus.
95/16 Norbanus is brought to trial for his conduct as tribune in 103 B.C.;
87/13 Norbanus, the governor of Sicily, saves Rhegium from an attack by the
83/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Scipio Asiaticus, C. Norbanus
83/12 Sulla defeats Norbanus at Canusium.
83/27 Sulla advances against Norbanus at Capua, but Norbanus avoids him.
82/29 Albinovanus murders the officers of Norbanus, who escapes to Rhodes.
81/47 C.Norbanus commits suicide to avoid capture at Rhodes.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_671 [671] &   L. Scipio and C. Norbanus. & In the year of
Diod_37.2 14   But Gaius Norbanus, the governor of Sicily, so
Exsuper_43 the consulship of Norbanus and Sulla, when Sulla returned
FastCap_p74 .f. L.n. Scipio Asiaticus , C. Norbanus . . . [82] & C.
FGrH_252.A hen Sulla defeated Norbanus near Capua, and after shutting

Norbanussee Flaccus

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