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  Olympias   - wife of Philippus, and mother of Alexander the Great
Wikipedia entry
323/28 us, Antigenes, Antipatridas, Olympias, Onesicritus, Perillus and othe
318/10 Polyperchon invites Olympias to return to Macedonia.
318/11 Polyperchon and Olympias appoint Eumenes to be commander of the Maced
317/7 ies Macedonia with help from Olympias, and captures Philippus and Eur
317/11 Olympias kills Philippus, and forces Eurydice to commit suicide.
317/20 Olympias massacres her opponents in Macedonia.
316/1a Cassander besieges Olympias at Pydna.
316/12 Olympias surrenders to Cassander.
316/18 Olympias warns Monimus against marrying Pantica.
316/19 Cassander puts Olympias to death.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_12.6   unburied. And even Olympias lay unburied, although she was
AntipThes_9.241   eda, Ammon a snake to lie with Olympias and beget Alexande
Arrian:Fr_9   posal of marriage. Olympias, the mother of Alexander the
Athen_13.557   ossians, when he married Olympias, by whom he had Alexande
Athen_13.560   women was that between Olympias and Eurydice; in which
Athen_13.609   that when she was with Olympias, the mother of Alexander
Athen_14.659   well? And the letter of Olympias to Alexander mentions
Euseb]:Chron_231   Philippus' reign. Olympias the mother of Alexander killed
Euseb]:Chron_233   ough his connection with Olympias the mother of Alexander,
FGrH_155.1-3 *   ment. At that time Olympias treacherously killed Arrhidaeu
Just_7.6   successful, he married Olympias, daughter of Neoptolemus
Just_8.6   arly related to his wife Olympias, out of his kingdom;
Just_9.5   married, having divorced Olympias, the mother of Alexander
Just_9.7   instigated to the act by Olympias, Alexander's mother, and
Just_11.11   For his mother Olympias had confessed to her husband
Just_12.2   the son of his sister Olympias, and the west to himself
Just_12.14   charges by his mother Olympias; reflecting, too, on
Just_12.16   acity. His mother Olympias, the night in which she concei
Just_13.6   Alexander, her mother Olympias showing no dislike to
Just_14.5   into Macedonia, and that Olympias was sent for by him,
Just_14.6   But neither did Olympias reign long; for having committ
Just_15.1   to avenge the death of Olympias, who had been murdered
Just_15.2   in that of his mother Olympias and her son, he cut off
Just_17.3   optolemus; the father of Olympias (mother of Alexander the
Malal_193   the coming war. Olympias, the mother of Achilles the
Nepos_18.6   when he was in Asia, Olympias, the mother of Alexander, had
Oros_3.11   Macedonian king who had married Olympias, the sister of Alexander of
Oros_3.12   Thessalians subjugated, he married Olympias, the sister of Arubas,
Oros_3.14   the brother of Philip's wife Olympias, and he later was overthrown
Oros_3.23   many states of Greece. Olympias, the mother of King
Phylarch_21   13.609'b-c & A remark of Olympias, the mother of Alexander
Plut:Demetr_22   letters, but sent him that of Olympias with the seal inta
Plut:Eum_12   es, therefore, put Olympias and the princes of the blood
Plut:Eum_13   igonus ; and others from Olympias, wherein she invited him
Plut:Mor_179   variance with his wife Olympias and his son, Demaratus
Polyaen_4.8.3   contained this message: "Olympias, with a son of Alexander
Polyaen_4.11.3   in Macedonia, in which Olympias was shut up; Polyspercho
PsCallisth_1.17   "Greetings to Philip and Olympias, my lords; and informati
PsCallisth_1.30   dreams he saw Ammon embracing Olympias. So he arose from
PsCallisth_1.42   with you." His mother Olympias shared his travel and
PsCallisth_1.20-24 *   here he found that Olympias had been discarded by Philip
PsCallisth_1.36-39 *   in the arms of your mother, Olympias. For your tender
PsCallisth_1.4-14 *   ndeed, was so great that Olympias wished to interview him
PsCallisth_2.5   of Philip and my mother Olympias, - for not yet will I
PsCallisth_2.11   ith the concubines on them and Olympias, the sister of Mit
PsCallisth_2.40   were added to the letter to Olympias in later Greek rec
PsCallisth_2.21-23 *   divine King Ammon and Olympias, the queen, speaks to
PsCallisth_3.17   should again embrace my mother Olympias and the friends
PsCallisth_3.22   emed to behold his own mother, Olympias. He saw the palace
PsCallisth_3.27   hat had happened to his mother Olympias. This is the lette
PsCallisth_3.30-33 *   was sent to his mother Olympias and after a few days in
SEG_32.644   (3rd/2nd cent.)   se descended from Olympias. As a child w
StephByz_70   because the stomach of Olympias was sealed with the imag

  Olympias 2   - daughter of Pyrrhus I of Epirus, and mother of Pyrrhus II
Wikipedia entry
234/5 ris, the mistress of Pyrrhus II, is murdered by his mother Olympias.
232/5 Revolution in Epirus, after the deaths of Ptolemy and Olympias.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.590 invaded Italy; [590] but Olympias, the young man's mother,
Just_28.1 OOK 28 [28.1] When Olympias, daughter of Pyrrhus king of
Just_28.3 Acamania. [28.3] Olympias had now given up her dominions
Syll_393 (250-235)   Queen Olympias, daughter of
Syll_453 (c. 230)   g] Alexandros [Queen Olympias [King Pyrrhos [King

  Olympias 3   - the mother of Antigonus Doson, king of Macedonia
Euseb]:Chron_243 ent off to Cyrene and of Olympias the daughter of Paulicli

  Olympias 4   - an Egyptian dancer, 3rd century B.C.
231/1 _125A, a contract between Sosus, a flutist, and Olympias, a dancer

  Olympias   - in documents
OGIS_161 (123-118)   This statue of Olympias, the [daughter of

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