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  Pharisees   - a Jewish sect
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104/5 dispute between John Hyrcanus and the Pharisees.
70/22 The Pharisees gain great influence during the reign of Alexandra, des
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Joseph:AJ_13.171   called the sect of the Pharisees, another the sect of
Joseph:AJ_13.172   [172] Now for the Pharisees, they say that some actions,
Joseph:AJ_13.288   disposed to him were the Pharisees, who were one of the
Joseph:AJ_13.289   hich was the profession of the Pharisees also. [290] Howev
Joseph:AJ_13.292-298 *   against him; and all the Pharisees had a very great indign
Joseph:AJ_13.401   into the hands of the Pharisees; for that they would
Joseph:AJ_13.405   her, and spoke to the Pharisees, and put all things int
Joseph:AJ_13.408-410 *   itics, and permitted the Pharisees to do every thing; to
Joseph:AJ_13.415   determined to prefer the Pharisees before them, they still
Joseph:AJ_13.423   under the power of the Pharisees; for he saw the inabili
Joseph:AJ_15.3   enemies. [3] But Pollion the Pharisee, and Sameas, a disciple of
Joseph:AJ_15.370   also to persuade Pollion the Pharisee, and Sameas, and the greatest
Joseph:BJ_1.110-112 *   [110] And now the Pharisees joined themselves to her, to
Joseph:BJ_1.571   own daughters, of subsidising the Pharisees to oppose him, and of
MegTaan_1   rates the victory of the Pharisees over the Saducees in
MegTaan_8   rates the victory of the Pharisees over the Saducees in

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