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  Philetaerus   - ruler of Pergamon; died in 263 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
282/34 Philetaerus stops supporting Lysimachus.
278/24a Austin_226, a letter of Philetaerus to the city of Cyme.
275/9a OGIS_748, recording gifts from Philetaerus to Cyzicus.
262/7 in_227, a decree of Delphi in honour of Philetaerus and his family.
262/8 Philetaerus claims to have discovered a medicinal plant, called polem
262/9 General remarks about the role of Philetaerus as ruler of Pergamon.
262/10 The death of Philetaerus, who is succeeded as ruler of Pergamon by
    Within translations:
Athen_10.445   Pergamon, the nephew of Philetaerus, who had formerly bee
Athen_13.577   Commentaries, says that Philetaerus the king of Pergamon,
Athen_15.697   made by Attalus who succeeded Philetaerus as king of Pergamon judge
Lucian:Macr_12   elder brothers. Philetaerus, an eunuch, secured and kep
OGIS_310   (277-268)   letairos of Pergamon, the
OGIS_311   (267-263)   . Philetairos of Pergamon, the son of
OGIS_335   (150-133)   vided written evidence, and Philetairos gave them
OGIS_764.D   the god Attalos and of Philetairos ] Euergetes and of king
SEG_50.1211   (after 125) prytanis and priest of Philetairos: since Menodoros son of
THI_93   (c. 276) Much-lauded Fame came to Philetairos and the houses of

  Philetaerus 2   - a poet of Middle Comedy
Apollod:Fr_75   hus and his followers call him Philetaerus. [76] & DiogLae
Athen_6.241   in Demetrius, or Philetaerus, says & I fear to look
Athen_7.280   with pleasure. And Philetaerus says, in his Huntress, &
Athen_11.474   named Kantharus is stated by Philetaerus in Achilles : "Ay, Peleus
Athen_11.487   drink to Hygieia. "   Philetaerus in Asclepius : "He brandished
Athen_13.559   speak a word. And Philetaerus, in his Corinthiast, says-
Athen_13.570   read in the Huntress of Philetaerus,- & Now you are old,
Athen_13.572   concerning courtesans, Philetaerus, in his Huntress, has
Athen_13.587   these you had. And Philetaerus, in his Female Hunter, says
Athen_14.633   Amateur of the Flute, by Philetaerus - & O Zeus, it wer

  Philetaerus 3   of Crete - an envoy of Antiochus Hierax
Polyaen_4.17.1 Antiochus sent envoys, Philetaerus the Cretan and Dionys

  Philetaerus 4   - the father of Dorylaus, 1st century B.C.
85/13 Dorylaus the son of Philetaerus is convicted of attempting to start

  Philetaerus 5   - son of Attalus I, and brother of Eumenes II
Syll_629 (182)   brothers Attalos, Philetairos and Athenaios and
Syll_641 (c. 174)   icated this statue of Philetairos of Athens, the

  Philetaerus   - in documents
Syll_322 doros son of Mandragoras Philetairos son of Apellas Ar
Syll_492 (c. 263)   hos {"Up the hill"} Philetairos from (?) Iristos
Syll_538 (204/3)   ndros of (?) Dastias, Philetairos of Melitaia, Mene

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