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  Philippics   - a series of speeches by Demosthenes against Philippus
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Athen_14.614 Demosthenes the orator in his Philippics [ Olynth_2'19
Philoch_33 eoric fund: Demosthenes in the Philippics [ 3'11 ]. The
Philoch_47 emosthenes in the Fourth Philippic [ 4'34 ]: "And he left
Philoch_63 emosthenes] shows in the first Philippic [ 4'35 ]. [64]
Philoch_150 by] Demosthenes in the Philippics [ 4'24 ] and by Aristo

  Philippics 2   - a series of speeches by Cicero against M.Antonius
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44/104 makes a speech (the "First Philippic") at another meeting of the
44/136 Cic:Phil_2, Cicero's "Second Philippic", a passionate invective again
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_11.3 later called the "First Philippic", was critical of Anton
Cic:Fam_12.3 ober, Cicero wrote the "Second Philippic". This was never
Schol:Bob_85 tly mentioned by Cicero in his Philippic speeches. But alm

Philippicssee Philippica

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