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  Poseidonius   of Apameia or Rhodes - philosopher and historian, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
134/9 The birth of Poseidonius of Apameia.
109/21 Poseidonius is a pupil of Panaetius.
67/10 via Athens and Rhodes, where he listens to a lecture by Poseidonius.
62/22 where he honours Theophanes, and Rhodes, where he meets Poseidonius.
51/62 The philosopher Poseidonius visits Rome.
50/29 comments on the philosopher Poseidonius, who spent most of his life
50/29a Jason of Nysa succeeds Poseidonius as head of the school at Rhodes.
    Within translations:
Athen_1.28 the Chalybonian, which Poseidonius says is made in Damas
Athen_* 04.151-154 * a magadis." [36.] And Poseidonius the Stoic, in the his
Athen_4.168 ding to the statement of Poseidonius, in the forty-ninth
Athen_4.176 sweet monaulos."   And Poseidonius the Stoic philosopher
Athen_5.210 tuous entertainments, as Poseidonius himself relates; and
Athen_5.211 Athens; concerning whom Poseidonius of Apameia gives a
Athen_6.233 ng-pot, as my countryman Poseidonius says [ Fr_48 ] is don
Athen_6.246 jesters. [49.] And Poseidonius of Apameia, in the twenty-t
Athen_6.252 of Carrhae. And Poseidonius of Apameia, who was afterwa
Athen_6.263 helm. [84.] And Poseidonius, the stoic philosopher, say
Athen_6.266 aus the Peripatetic, and Poseidonius the Stoic [ Fr_38 ],
Athen_* 06.272-275 * chains: &# at all events Poseidonius, whom you are often
Athen_7.279 to live luxuriously . . . as Poseidonius [ Fr_106 ] tell
Athen_8.333  I am aware, too, that Poseidonius the Stoic makes this
Athen_9.369 from the same seed; but Poseidonius the Stoic philosopher
Athen_9.401 underground." [401] And Poseidonius the philosopher also
Athen_10.439 ery fond of drinking; as Poseidonius of Apameia relates
Athen_11.466 air to see.   And Poseidonius, in the twenty-sixth book
Athen_11.494 the panathenaicum. Poseidonius the philosopher, in the thi
Athen_12.527 sweetmeats." [35.] But Poseidonius, in the sixteenth boo
Athen_12.540 fate. [56.]   And Poseidonius, in the twenty-eighth book
Athen_12.542 Agathocles.   And Poseidonius, in the eighth book of his
Athen_12.549 &# Accordingly, Poseidonius the Stoic, who went with
Athen_12.550 ngdom. Accordingly Poseidonius, in the forty-seventh book
Athen_13.594 her out to burial, as Poseidonius tells us in the twent
Athen_14.635 O Leucaspis. But Poseidonius [ Fr_107 ] asserts that Ana
Athen_14.649 were there. And Poseidonius the Stoic, in the third boo
Athen_14.657 he was acquainted with Poseidonius the Stoic philosopher
Athen_15.692 book of the History of Poseidonius [ Fr_20 ], I observed
DiogLaert_7.39 Diogenes, the Babylonian; and Poseidonius. Now these divi
DiogLaert_7.41 econd; and Panaetius and Poseidonius begin with natural
DiogLaert_7.54 this is the opinion of Poseidonius, and is advanced by
DiogLaert_7.60 etical expression is, as Poseidonius defines it in his int
DiogLaert_7.62 Dialectics are, as Poseidonius explains them, the science
DiogLaert_7.84 Diogenes, and Antipater, and Poseidonius. For Zenon of
DiogLaert_7.87 on Pleasure, and so do Poseidonius and Hecaton in their
DiogLaert_7.91 or courage. And Poseidonius, in the first book of his
DiogLaert_7.92 and the ethical. Poseidonius divides virtue into four
DiogLaert_7.103 lth are not goods. Poseidonius, however, affirms that thes
DiogLaert_7.124 things from the Gods, as Poseidonius says in the first boo
DiogLaert_7.128 However, Panaetius and Poseidonius do not admit that vir
DiogLaert_7.129 uld wholly quit life, as Poseidonius argues in his Exhorta
DiogLaert_7.134 work on Elements, and Poseidonius in the second book
DiogLaert_7.135 but not depth. But Poseidonius, in the third book of his
DiogLaert_* 7.138-149 * universal substance, as Poseidonius affirms in his Meteor
DiogLaert_* 7.152-154 * the moist clouds, or, as Poseidonius explains it in his
DiogLaert_7.157 concerning the Soul, and Poseidonius also, all say that
DiogLaert_10.4 hrysippus. [4] And Poseidonius the Stoic, and Nicolaus,
Lucian:Macr_20 ilosopher, eighty-eight; Poseidonius of Apameia in Syria,
Porph:Fr_36 Hieronymus, Polybius, Poseidonius, Claudius Theo and And
Poseidon_30 men" [ Hom:Od_17'487 ] as Poseidonius says. [31] [272
Poseidon_37 & Plut:Mar_45 & Poseidonius visits Marius, when Marius
Poseidon_39 52.K] & EUNAPIUS & Poseidonius says that after the departu
Poseidon_69 him with his materials, I mean Poseidonius and Apollonius
Poseidon_* 75-78 * that is 625 feet. Poseidonius holds that mists and winds
Poseidon_81 38.K] & STOBAEUS & Poseidonius says that the winds are sti
Poseidon_88 not? According to Poseidonius, an island arose in the Aeg
Poseidon_97 but those of Eratosthenes and Poseidonius are better than
Poseidon_98 haped like a tail. Poseidonius the Stoic said that the ear
Poseidon_T1 A.D.) says that "Poseidonius of Alexandria, Stoic
Poseidon_* 100-103 * 2300 miles broad. Poseidonius gives its measurement from
Vit:Arat_3 Dionysius ... [and Poseidonius] in his "Comparison of Arat

  Poseidonius 2   of Alexandria - a Stoic philosopher, pupil of Zenon
261/27 followers, including Cleanthes, Dionysius, Persaeus and Poseidonius.
    Within translations:
DiogLaert_7.38 Callippus of Corinth; Poseidonius of Alexandria; Atheno

  Poseidonius 3   - Athenian archon, 162 B.C.
162/_ Athenian archon: Poseidonius

  Poseidonius   - in documents
OGIS_302 (c. 158-138)   etrios son of Poseidonios dedicated this on
OGIS_59 (163)   llistratos son of Kalli... Poseidonios son of Simo.
SelPap_1.74 of Petermouthis son of Poseidonius, aged about 60 ye
Syll_1044 (280-240)   [A]   When Poseidonios sent away to make an
Syll_322 Thrasyboulides son of Poseidonios Alkmeon son of Hi
Syll_388 (266/5)   hitrope, the son of Poseidonios; and to praise the
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   :] Apollodoros son of Poseidonios, by birth the so
Syll_633 (c. 180)   imos Pythion son of Poseidonios Eirenias son of E
THI_108 (c. 228)   is son of Hephaistios Poseidonios son of Boēth
THI_138 (early 2nd cent.)   s of Ilion the son of Poseidonios, Lysis of Assos t
THI_66 (302-295)   as... son of Poseidonius, of Magnesia, was ever in

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