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  Pullus   (L. Junius Pullus) - Roman consul, 249 B.C.
  + Junius , Pullius
249/_ Consuls: P. Claudius Ap.f. Pulcher, L. Junius C.f. Pullus
249/9 The Romans send Junius out to Sicily with more ships and supplies.
249/13 L.Junius anchors his fleet on a rocky shore to avoid meeting the Cart
249/14 The fleet of L.Junius is destroyed in a storm.
249/17 L.Junius captures Eryx.
248/6 L.Junius commits suicide.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p56 Pulcher , L. Junius C.f. L.n. Pullus dictator: M. Claudiu
Schol:Bob_90 charged with treason by Pullius and Fundanius, tribunes

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