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  Rutilus   (C. Nautius Rutilus) - Roman consul, 475 B.C.
FastCap_p28 icola , C. Nautius Sp.f. Sp.n. Rutilus [474] & A. Manlius
FastCap_p30 [458] & C. Nautius Sp.f. Sp.n. Rutilus II , . . . . Carvet

  Rutilus 2   (Sp. Nautius Rutilus) - consular tribune, 419 B.C.
FastCap_p32   anatus Sp. Nautius Sp.f. Sp.n. Rutilus P. Lucretius Hosti
FastCap_p34   sus II Sp. Nautius Sp.f. Sp.n. Rutilus III C. Valerius L.f
ValMax_5.2.2   in the consulship of Nautius and Minucius nominated themselves

  Rutilus 3   (C. Marcius Rutilus) - Roman consul, 357 B.C.
FastTr_p94   Marcius L.f. C.n. Rutilus, consul, & over the Privernates
Oros_3.6   the battle fought under C. Marcius against the Etruscans. I leave

  Rutilus 4   (Sp. Nautius Rutilus) - Roman consul, 316 B.C.
316/_ Consuls: Sp. Nautius Sp.f. Rutilus, M. Popillius M.f. Laenas
    Within translations:
FastCap_p46 316] & Sp. Nautius Sp.f. Sp.n. Rutilus , M. Popillius M.f.

  Rutilus 5   (C. Marcius Rutilus) - Roman consul, 310 B.C.
  + Rutilius
310/_ nsuls Q. Fabius M.f. Maximus Rullianus (II), C. Marcius C.f. Rutilus
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_421 years. [Ol. 117.3] Rullus and Rutilius were consuls. The
FastCap_p48 Marcius C.f. L.n. Rutilus - who was afterwards called Cen
FastCap_p50 Marcius C.f. L.n. Rutilus (who was later called Censorinu
FastCap_p54 Marcius C.f. L.n. Rutilus II (who was given the name Cens

  Rutilus 6   (C. Nautius Rutilus) - Roman consul, 287 B.C.
287/_ Consuls: M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus, C. Nautius Rutilus

  Rutilus 7   (? Nautius Rutilus) - tribune of the plebs, 256 B.C.
  + Nautius
256/6 decide to cross over to Africa, despite the opposition of Nautius.

  Rutilus   - in documents
CIL_1.1471 Marcus Saufeius Rutilus son of Marcus and Gaius Sau

Rutilussee Cossus7

Rutilussee Tricostus

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