OGIS: 36


Greek text:   OGIS_36 ,   SB_1.1642
Date:   213 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

These two vases were found, along with many others of a similar type, in the ancient cemetery of Hadra near Alexandria. For more information on the vases, see B.F.Cook, "Inscribed Hadra Vases in the Metropolitan Museum of Art" ( PDF ).

[A] Year 9; Sotion of Delphi, the son of Kleon, theoros announcing the Soteria; by Theodotos, agorastes.

[B] Year 9, Hyperberetaios 30, Pharmouthi 7; Timasitheos of Rhodes, the son of Dionysios, an ambassador; by Theodotos, agorastes.

{ Before going to Alexandria, Timasitheos of Rhodes had been sent as an envoy to king Philippos - see THI_36. }

inscription 39

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