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Greek text:   Miletos_406   ( I.Milet. 9.369 )
Provenance:   Miletos , Ionia
Date:   c. 20 B.C. 
Tags:     victors+contestants 
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The prestige of the Olympic games, above all other Greek games, is shown by the way that this athlete's two Olympic victories are placed at the head of his impressive list of other victories. As well as the traditional competitions, the list also contains the earliest surviving reference to games held by the 'guild of world-wide sacred and crowned victors' {apo tēs oikoumenēs hieronikai kai stephanitai} - an organisation that is also mentioned in a letter of Marcus Antonius, dated to 41 B.C. ( Sherk_85 ). 

A statue base found at Olympia, honouring '. . . of Miletos, son of ...krates, [who won ] the double race at the Olympic games in the 190th Olympiad' ( Greek text: IvO_219 ), almost certainly refers to the same athlete as this inscription; and an inscription in the sanctuary at Didyma contains another copy of his list of victories ( Greek text: Didyma_277 ).

[A]   . . . [honours] . . . [son of ...krates], who was victor :-


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