Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 25.149


Greek text:   SEG_25.149
Provenance:   Athens
Date:   c. 303/2 B.C.
Tags:     democracy ,   divine_honours ,   freedom
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription demonstrates the genuine enthusiasm that some Athenians felt for Demetrios. The translation is by J.D.Mikalson, "Religion in Hellenistic Athens", pp.84-5 ( Google Books ).

[It was resolved] by the select volunteers: [since Demetrios] the Great [previously] came into [Attica with a naval and infantry] force and [threw out] the opponents of [democracy and set free the] land of the Athenians and [most] other [Greeks, and now] has stood by [the Athenians] to help with an [even greater force; and] having overcome [his enemies], he has already [aligned] many cities [under the] kingship [of his father Antigonos, himself enduring every] danger and exertion; and he honours [those with] him, and is very [concerned with their safety; and] he leads [those] in need of [freedom and helpfully takes part with us] in the affairs of the Peloponnese, and he [immediately went there with] select [volunteers] and threw out the [enemy] from the land; [therefore, with good fortune it is resolved] by the select volunteers [to praise] Demetrios son of Antigonos, a king [and son of] a king, [on account of his virtue and goodwill; and to erect] an equestrian [statue of him] in the agora next to the statue of Democracy; [and to encourage Athenians and] the other Greeks to set up [altars and sanctuaries for] D[emetrios. Those] participating in the sacrifices [performed on behalf of Antigonos and] Demetrios shall sacrifice also to Demetrios Soter, [presenting] the most sacred and beautiful [victims for sacrifice. The honours] given to the king [by] the select volunteers [shall be proclaimed so that, just as they themselves] have honoured their benefactors at their own expense, so also others] may follow and honour [them with the most illustrious] honours.

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