Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 959


Greek text: Chios_57 ,   Teos_82
Date:   2nd century B.C.
Tags:     dionysiac_artists ,   ephebes ,   victors+contestants
Format:   see key to translations

The sacrifices to 'the Muses and Herakles' at Chios reflected a mixture of artistic and physical exercises which was typical of Greek education; but the contests at Teos were more specialised, and the emphasis on music and performance has led scholars to suggest that the contests were designed for boys studying to join the local Dionysiac Artists, who had their headquarters in the city ( see SEG_2.580 ).

Inscription B was not printed in full in Sylloge³, but it was paraphrased in a note to inscription 960.

[A]   When Athenodoros was prytanis, and the gymnasiarchs were Hermesileōs son of Xouthos and Nikias son of Metron, [these] were the victors in the contests that were held for the boys and the ephebes and the youths, and [they sacrificed] to the Muses and to Herakles from the revenues that were given in accordance with the decree of . . . son of Lysias:


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