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  Aedui   - a powerful tribe in eastern Gaul
Wikipedia entry
122/10 the Salluvii, and attack the Aedui, who appeal to the Romans for help
71/21 enters Gaul at the invitation of the Sequani, and defeats the Aedui.
61/32 to appeal for help; the senate confirms an alliance with the Aedui.
58/29 invade the territory of the Aedui, while Caesar raises reinforcement
58/36 trying to undermine the alliance between the Aedui and the Romans.
58/43 Diviciacus and the Aedui urge Caesar to make war on the German king
54/12 and kills Dumnorix, a leader of the Aedui, after he tries to escape.
52/38 and Convictolitavis, as to who should be the leader of the Aedui.
52/40 Litaviccus urges the Aedui to revolt against the Romans, but the revo
52/46 The Aedui openly revolt from the Romans, and capture Noviodunum.
52/63 The Aedui and Arverni submit to Caesar, and he prepares to spend the
50/44 army to winter quarters in the territory of the Aedui and Belgae.
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_22   [22] [STEPHANUS Byz.] Aedusii [Aedui], allies of the Roman
Oros_6.11   other neighbours - even the Aedui were induced to join them
Plin:HN_4.107   in the interior the Aedui (federated), Carnuteni (federated), Boii,

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