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  Baton   - a comic poet, of the "New Comedy" (3rd century B.C.)
240/19 Arcesilaus rejects Baton because he has insulted Cleanthes.
    Within translations:
Athen_4.163   and my chief. And Baton the comic writer says in his Homi
Athen_14.662   man will kill me. And Baton, in his Benefactors, gives
Athen_15.678   philosophers in the Joint of Baton the comic poet; men whom

  Baton 2   of Sinope - a Greek historian of uncertain date
Athen_6.251 Philopator. And Baton of Sinope relates, in his book
Athen_7.289 yrant of his country, as Baton relates in the history of
Athen_14.639 cts. [45.] & But Baton of Sinope, the orator, in his tre
Plut:Agis_15 be admitted that Baton of Sinope relates it in another

  Baton   - in documents
OGIS_59 (163)   isippos Timarchides Baton Diognetos Kallistagoras A
Syll_322 iogenes son of Diognetos Baton son of Theodoros Euktim
THI_49 (153/2)   the gymnasium: since Baton son of Philon previou
THI_98 (250-200)   ian Epikrates son of Baton Seleukos son of Mnesipto

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