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  Ctesias   of Cnidus - Greek historian, late 5th century B.C.
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Aelian:NA_3.3   of animal nature. Ctesias reports that neither the wild
Aelian:NA_4.21   of a bulrush. Now Ctesias asserts (and he says that the
Aelian:NA_4.26   it back to their masters, as Ctesias tells us. And from
Aelian:NA_4.27   but are white. And Ctesias records that its neck is varieg
Aelian:NA_4.46   zes people, according to Ctesias, because the colour is
Aelian:NA_4.52   horned asses of India, Ctesias says, have knucklebones
Aelian:NA_5.3   Such is the account given by Ctesias of Cnidus. [4] &
Aelian:NA_7.1   words, to do so. This is what Ctesias says. [2] & At the
Aelian:NA_16.31   ing ropes. [31] & Ctesias in his account of India asserts
Aelian:NA_16.41   the tail. Further, Ctesias of Cnidus says that in the neig
Aelian:NA_17.29   account given by Ctesias, who writes that this is hearsa
Athen_2.45   make it keep. And Ctesias the Cnidian explains also in
Athen_4.146   king of the Persians as Ctesias and Dinon relate in the
Athen_10.442   ent than that. And Ctesias tells the same story, in his
Athen_11.464   from earthenware cups. For Ctesias says that 'among the
Athen_12.528   heard the following stories:   Ctesias, in the third book of
Athen_12.529   him and slew him. But Ctesias says that he went to
Athen_12.530   And Ctesias relates that Annarus, a deputy
Athen_13.560   mbyses against Egypt (as Ctesias relates) took place on
Athen_14.639   of the house. And Ctesias also mentions this festival in
Euseb]:Chron_59   Hellanicus of Lesbos and Ctesias of Cnidus, and then Herod
Euseb]:Chron_57-61 *   for over 1,300 years, as Ctesias of Cnidus says in his sec
Plin:HN_7.23   when he published his work. Ctesias writes that also among a
Plin:HN_7.28   though many call them Macrobii. Ctesias says that a tribe among
Plin:HN_7.207   by Hegesias to Parhalus, by Ctesias to Semiramis, and by Archemachus
Plin:HN_8.75   caught always die game. [75] Ctesias writes that in the same
Plin:HN_37.39   maidens of the Hesperides. [39] Ctesias states that in India there
ValMax_8.13e.5   hundred and twenty years: and Ctesias relates the same the Indians.

  Ctesias   - in documents
Syll_315 (319/8)   registrar; as proposed by Ktesias of . . ., the
Syll_322 ktimenos son of Euktitos Ktesias son of Demetrios Plat
THI_62 (late 2nd century)   f Sosikles and while Ktesias was damiourgos, during

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