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  Hypereides   - son of Glaucippus; Athenian orator, who was killed in 322 B.C.
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  + Hypereidean , Hyperides
322/4 Hyper:Epit, Hypereides' Funeral Oration in honour of Leosthenes and
322/15 ryne removes her clothes while Hypereides is defending her in court.
322/26 nce of death on Demosthenes, Hypereides and their leading supporters,
322/32 saying of Hypereides, when he was accused by the Athenian people
322/33 General comments on the character and eloquence of Hypereides.
322/34 Hypereides is captured by Archias on the island of Aegina, and is put
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Lives of the Ten Orators
    Within translations:
[Longin]:Subl_15   to be sure, there is Hypereides on his trial, when he
[Longin]:Subl_34   and not by greatness, Hypereides would then be altogether
Arrian:Fr_9   ates how Demosthenes and Hypereides, Aristonicus of Maratho
Athen_6.266   aves. Accordingly, Hypereides, the orator, in his speech
Athen_11.483   are called "neat-wine-canteeners," as Hypereides says in the Speech
Athen_12.552   is an oration extant of Hypereides the orator, who says
Athen_13.566   like buffoons." And Hypereides, in his oration agains
Athen_13.586-591 *   ion against Aristagoras, Hypereides says- "And again you
Athen_14.616   ho;α, it occurs in Hypereides the orator; and the
Cic:Acad_1.10   orators that haveimitated Hyperides or Demosthenes are
Cic:Brut_36   by his contemporaries Hypereides, Aeschines, Lycurgus,
Cic:Brut_67   acter, say they, of Lysias and Hypereides. I own it, and
Cic:Brut_68   must Lysias and Hypereides be so fondly courted, while
Cic:Brut_138   eeks, to Demosthenes and Hypereides, so now, among our own
Cic:Brut_285   or than Demosthenes and Hypereides? Or who more different
Cic:Brut_290   was Pericles,- such was Hypereides, and Aeschines,- and
Cic:DeOr_1.58   had more knowledge than Hypereides or Demosthenes, men of
Cic:DeOr_2.94   cases, as Demosthenes, Hyperides, Aeschines, Lycurgus, Dinarchus,
Cic:DeOr_3.28   Lysias delicacy, Hyperides pointedness, Aeschines sonorousness,
DionHal:Din_1   as Demosthenes, Aeschines and Hypereides were. But since
DionHal:Din_5-8 *   resembled Lysias, on others Hypereides and Demosthenes.
Just_13.5   ra, 10 and learning that Hypereides was sent as an ambassa
Philoch_26   ARPOCRATION & Colonetae: Hypereides in Against Apellaeus,
Plinius:Ep_1.20   Demosthenes, Aeschines, Hyperides, and a multitude of oth
Plut:Mor_837   both his pupils; and some say, Hypereides and Isaeus too.
Plut:Mor_840   yet Demosthenes tells us that Hypereides was chosen in
Plut:Mor_844   companions in council Hypereides, Nausicles, Polyeuctus
Plut:Mor_846   otelus, Aristonicus, and Hypereides crowned with golden
Plut:Mor_849   were thus discovered: Hypereides being sick, Demosthene
Plut:Mor_850   the choice and elected Hypereides; and his oration is
Plut:Phoc_4   Glaucippus, the son of Hypereides, among a thousand othe
Plut:Phoc_7   mosthenes, Lycurgus, and Hypereides, addressed the people
Plut:Phoc_10   ase, the saying of Hypereides to the people of Athens dese
Plut:Phoc_17   to him Demosthenes, Lycurgus, Hypereides, and Charidemus.
Plut:Phoc_23   ty, but without fruit." Hypereides rose up and said, "
Plut:Phoc_27   liver up to me Demosthenes and Hypereides. In the next pla
Plut:Phoc_26-29 *   owards Athens, Demosthenes and Hypereides fled out of the

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