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  Liguria   - a region in north-west Italy
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  + Ligurian , Ligurians
238/11 The consuls attack the Gauls and Ligurians.
236/4 Lentulus captures several fortresses in Liguria.
235/1 The triumph of Lentulus, over the Ligurians.
234/10 Romans conduct military campaigns in Liguria, Corsica, and Sardinia.
233/9 Q.Fabius defeats the Ligurians.
232/1 The triumph of Q.Fabius, over the Ligurians.
205/3 Mago arrives in Liguria.
205/14 rcements from Carthage, and sets about raising an army from Liguria.
193/3 ncy action to raise troops following news of an uprising in Liguria.
193/15 Minucius escapes from a Ligurian ambush.
190/17 Minucius Thermus maltreats his officers in Liguria.
189/4 Baebius is ambushed and killed by the Ligurians on his way to Spain.
187/10 The consuls subdue some more Ligurian tribes.
186/7 The Ligurians ambush and defeat Marcius.
185/7 The consuls attack the Apuani and Ingauni in Liguria.
181/3 Paullus decisively defeats the Ingauni in Liguria.
181/9 The triumph of Paullus, over the Ligurians.
180/3 the previous year force 40,000 Ligurians to migrate to Samnium.
180/10 nsuls combine to subdue some Ligurian tribes, after which M.Fulvius
179/20 Both consuls conduct campaigns in Liguria.
179/26 The triumph of Q.Fulvius, over the Ligurians.
177/5 Claudius defeats the Ligurians.
177/6 The Ligurians capture Mutina after the departure of Claudius.
177/9 audius celebrates a double triumph, over the Istrians and Ligurians.
176/2 rther victories in Sardinia and Liguria; Claudius recaptures Mutina.
176/4 Petillius leaves Rome for Liguria.
176/7 onsul Petillius is killed while attacking a mountain-top in Liguria.
175/2 The consuls win victories in Liguria and Cisalpine Gaul.
175/16 The triumphs of Lepidus and Scaevola, over the Ligurians.
173/4 M.Popillius ruthlessly subdues the Ligurians.
173/9 sion to allot vacant land in Liguria and Cisalpine Gaul to Roman citi
172/4 set out to join the army in Liguria, after delays caused by accusati
166/10 The consuls campaign against the Gauls and Ligurians.
166/18 triumph of Marcellus, over the Contrubrii, Ligurians, and Eleates.
165/1 The triumph of Sulpicius, over the Ligurians.
154/3 The Ligurians assault the Roman envoy Flaminius.
154/9 Opimius defeats the Oxybii and Decietae, two Ligurian tribes.
115/5 Scaurus defeats the Ligurians.
103/20 arius sends a letter to test the loyalty of the Gauls and Ligurians.
74/21 Antonius attacks the pirates and their allies in Liguria and Spain.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_7.12   if the women of Liguria pride themselves that they also
Aelian:NA_13.16   assalia and all those in Liguria catch tunny with hooks;
Cic:Brut_255   paltry castles of the Ligurians, which have furnished
Cic:Brut_256   ius, than be honoured with two Ligurian triumphs. You will
CIL_11.1828   time, he conquered the Ligurians and celebrated a tr
CIL_11.1829   first time, he conquered the Ligurians and celebr
Crinag_9.516   devising evil than good, the Ligurian mind. & * & In
FastTr__A   coast of Latium Apuani A Ligurian tribe Apulians Inhabitan
FastTr__C   and near Malta Eleates A Ligurian tribe, near the Alps Fal
FastTr__S   town in Latium Styni A Ligurian tribe, near the Alps Tar
FastTr_p101   Lentulus, consul, & over the Ligurians, id.Interk. [235/
FastTr_p102   over the G[auls and the Ligurians, on the] Alban [Mount,
FastTr_p103   consul, & over the Istri and Ligurians, k.Interk. [175/4
FastTr_p104   pidus, consul (II), & over the Ligurians, 4 id. Mart.] (12
FastTr_p105   & over the Contrubian Gauls, Ligurians and Eleates, k.In
FastTr_p106   alvinus, proconsul, & over the Ligurians, Vocontii and Sal
Just_43.3-5 *   of Massilia amidst the Ligurians and the savage Gallic
Nepos_23.4   through the country of the Ligurians over the Apennines, on his
Obseq_6   rained for six months. The Ligurians were defeated in battle and
Obseq_9   was killed fighting against the Ligurians.
Obseq_12   a bronze equestrian statue. The Ligurian Gauls were destroyed.
Obseq_27   temple of Juno Regina a Ligurian shield was struck by lightning.
Obseq_30   the Romans, were destroyed. The Ligurian Sallyes were annihilated.
Oros_4.20   of extreme peril by the Ligurians. He was surrounded by enemy
Oros_5.24   and Sicily, Perperna in Liguria, and later Sertorius in
Plin:HN_3.47   Hercules Monoecus, and the Ligurian coast. Of the Ligurians
Plin:HN_3.48   which is the boundary of Liguria. Behind all the above-mentioned lie
Plin:HN_3.49   ninth region. The coast of Liguria extends 211 miles between the
Plin:HN_3.74   Narbonensis, and afterwards the Ligurian Sea; [75] from that
Plin:HN_3.80   {6.}   [80] In the Ligurian Sea, but adjoining the Tuscan,
Plin:HN_6.217   Luna, Luca, Genua, Liguria, Antipolis, Massilia, Narbo,
Plin:HN_37.33   amber is dug up in Liguria, while Chares states that Phaethon
Plin:HN_37.34   which produces amber in Liguria is called 'lynx.' [35]
Plin:HN_37.99   that it is found in Liguria I consider to be false,
Poseidon_57   2.1) & Quarrying of stone in Liguria. & & see also: Diod
Poseidon_58   orking with men on the land in Liguria. & & see also: Diod
Sall:Hist_3.6   pent inconclusively, the Ligurian forces [withdrew] into
ValMax_1.5.9   which Petillius fell in the Ligurian War: for being about to
ValMax_2.7.15   courageously fighting against the Ligurians, to be slain! For
ValMax_3.7.4   told that the Gauls and Ligurians were disordered - they had
ValMax_3.7e.6   the forces of Gaul and Liguria under his subjection, had opened

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