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  Moschus   of Colophon - victory in the boys' boxing contest at the Olympic games, 200 B.C.
Euseb]:Chron_209 Aetolia, stadion race Moschus of Colophon, [victor in]

  Moschus 2   of Syracuse - bucolic poet, 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
125/19 General comments on Moschus of Syracuse, the second of the bucolic
    Within translations:
Athen_11.485   is a kind of cylix. Moschus, in his interpretation of Rhodian
Vit:Theoc_1   was originally called Moschus, but was later given the

  Moschus 3   - a sophist, who lived in Elis
Athen_2.44 says that Anchimolus and Moschus, sophists who lived in

  Moschus   - in documents
Asclepiad_5.167 and I was alone. But lovely Moschus overpowered all.
DioscEpigr_11.363 of the Alexandrians and Moschus, Ptolemaeus' son, has won
OGIS_59 (163)   ydres son of Eu... Eumelos Moschos Diodamos Attalos
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   son of Leptines ; Moschos of Sikyon Costume-sup

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