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  Naupactus   - a city on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf, Greece
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  + Naupactians
284/7 _380, a decree of Cassandreia in honour of Androbolus of Naupactus.
249/19a _422, a decree of the Amphictyons in honour of Mentor of Naupactus.
217/39 Peace terms are agreed at Naupactus between the Aetolians and Philipp
201/18 Syll_553a, a decree of Delphi in honour of Philleas of Naupactus.
    Within translations:
Phlegon:Mir_7   ioned place they went to Naupactus in Aetolia where there
Plin:HN_4.6   the Gulf of Corinth are Naupactus, Eupalimna, and inland Pleuron and
Polyaen_1.9.1   racleidae had a fleet at Naupactus; and that although they
Polyaen_3.4.3   sailing in the Paralus near Naupactus. He took advantag
Polyaen_6.23.1   enians had anchored near Naupactus with twenty ships, in
Syll_421   (272-260)   etary: Neoptolemos of Naupaktos Commanders of the p
Syll_500   (230-215)   las: since Boukris of Naupaktos, the son of Daitas,
Syll_511   (270-230)   bably residents of Naupaktos in Aetolia.} →
Syll_522   (c. 222/1)   lved by the people of Naupaktos to maintain their e
Syll_546   (214/3)   alos Nikostratos of Naupaktos, the son of Nikostr
Syll_554   (c. 206/5)   n Agelaos of Naupaktos was general for the sec
Syll_564   (203/2)   hissa, Philleas of [Naupaktos], Lamios of Oikyle
Syll_610   (190)   erties of: Pyrrhos of Naupaktos Archelaos of Plygo
THI_64   (263-236)   onsor: Neoptolemos of Naupaktos      

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