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  Nicagoras   of Rhodes - a benefactor of Ephesus, about 300 B.C.
299/3 OGIS_10, a decree of Ephesus in honour of Nicagoras of Rhodes.
    Within translations:
OGIS_10 (c. 285)   of Philophron: since Nikagoras of Rhodes, the son o

  Nicagoras 2   of Messenia - an enemy of Cleomenes III
Plut:Cleom_35 airs were in this state, Nicagoras the Messenian, a man

  Nicagoras 3   - tyrant of Zeleia, 4th century B.C.
Athen_7.289 wings besides. As Nicagoras of Zeleia did, who also becam

  Nicagoras 4   - a Rhodian general, early 2nd century B.C.
196/14a yll_586, a dedication on Carpathos by Nicagoras, a Rhodian general.

  Nicagoras   - in documents
AnthPal_16.11 entle blast ; here where Nicagoras set me up, Hermes, the
AnthPal_5.199 and the sweet love of Nicagoras sent Aglaonicē to
AnthPal_7.502 come to Amphipolis, tell Nicagoras that the Strymonian win
Asclepiad_12.135 the proof of love. Nicagoras denied to us that he was in
Syll_340 (3rd cent.)   sos, son of Epikrates Nikagoras of Netteia, son of
Syll_610 (190)   Dexitheos of Physkos Nikagoras of Herakleia Kalli
THI_74 (280-240)   t . . . [B] & Nikagoras son of Kleonymos Euxen
THI_87 (306-301)   ve thousand drachmas; Nikagoras son of Nikanax shou

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