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  Phaophi   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
AET_4.12   (41)   r 25, on the 21st of Phaophi {4 November 90 B.C.}
AET_4.13   25, on the 21st of Phaophi {4 November 90 B.C.} in
AET_9.2   (164)   reached Thebes in year 2, Phaophi 15 {20th November
AET_9.2.C   reached Thebes in year 2, Phaophi 15 20th November 180 B.C.
PCairZen_59107   akestor. Docketed} & Year 29, Phaophi 2. From Apollonios,
PCairZen_59154   is. Farewell. Year 30, Dios 3, Phaophi 23. Docketed} &
PCairZen_59220   Year 32, Hyperberetaios 13, Phaophi 13. Addressed} &
PCairZen_59223   il-factory. Farewell. Year 32, Phaophi 26. Addressed} &
SelPap_1.4   nth Apellaeus or 22nd of Phaophi, at Bacchias in the d
SelPap_1.14   the 1st of next month, Phaophi, for a period of five
SelPap_1.17   Phaophi 18. Agreemen
SelPap_1.25   ternal Augustus and Imperator, Phaophi 29, 1st indict
SelPap_1.33   eptimius Geta Caesar Augustus, Phaophi 5. {Signed} I,
SelPap_1.74   the month Apellaeus or Phaophi, at Ptolemais Euerg
SelPap_1.76   Aurelius Verus Augustus, Phaophi 22, through the recor
SelPap_1.79   ermanicus Maximus Britannicus, Phaophi 15. {Signed} I,
SelPap_1.80   the eternal Augustus, Phaophi 27, 7th indiction, at
SelPap_1.114   ming hither. Goodbye, my lord. Phaophi 3. {Postscript
SelPap_1.125   bathed with you on Phaophi 12 I have not bathed nor an
SelPap_1.200   and Quietus, Augusti, Phaophi 2, the 10th hour of
SelPap_2.240   Valens, eternal Augusti, Phaophi 9, at a meeting of
SelPap_2.244   exander, ex-gymnasiarch, dated Phaophi 6 of the past
SelPap_2.263   rinianus the most illustrious, Phaophi 19, etc. The ad
SelPap_2.296   Rufinus the most illustrious, Phaophi 21. To Septi
SelPap_2.325   eptimius Geta Caesar Augustus, Phaophi 10. (Text of de
SelPap_2.380   iberius Caesar Augustus, Phaophi, dies augustus, pai
SelPap_2.389   the said 16th year from Phaophi 4 to 8 at the desert
SelPap_2.406   Trajanus Caesar the lord to Phaophi 30 of the cur

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