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  Theocritus   - Greek bucolic poet, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
274/11 Theoc_16, a poem by Theocritus, addressed to Hieron.
272/7 Theocritus becomes a pupil of Philetas, probably while staying in
272/8 Theoc_7, a poem by Theocritus which is set in Cos.
271/3 Theoc_15 & 17, two poems by Theocritus written in praise of Ptolema
259/11 A saying of the poet Theocritus, addressed to a thief.
259/12 al comments on the career of Theocritus, the first of the bucolic
    Within translations:
Callim:Epigr_53 aces. & [53] & If Theocritus with finely darkening cheek
Schol:Theoc_6 rom the Scholia: Idyll 6 Theocritus addresses his friend
Schol:Theoc_* 15-17 * go out to watch. Theocritus modelled the poem on the "Sp
Vit:Lycoph_1 Their names were: Theocritus, who wrote the bucolic poems
Vit:Theoc_1 . The family of Theocritus The family of Theocritus,

  Theocritus 2   of Chios - an orator and sophist, 4th century B.C.
323/49 Demades, Dionysius, Phocion, Theocritus and others react to the news
301/9 on the life and writings of Theocritus of Chios, an orator and soph
301/10 Antigonus puts the sophist Theocritus to death.
    Within translations:
Athen_01.14 es, the brother of Theocritus the Chian sophist was eminen
Athen_12.540 read among the Chians, Theocritus the philosopher being

  Theocritus   - in documents
THI_64 (263-236)         Theokritos and Hagiadas of Meg
THI_78 (c. 219/8)   the house in which Theokritos was previously living
Syll_406 (276/5)   stokles Eretrians: Theokritos Dorians: Aleximachos
Syll_533 (218)   ce Theokritos and Amphalkes acted

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