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  Ventidius   (P. Ventidius) - suffect consul, 43 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
45/81 P.Ventidius wins the favour of Caesar during the civil wars and as
43/108 ianus resigns as consul, and Ventidius is appointed consul in his
43/36 Ventidius gathers an army of veterans to come in support of Antoniu
43/76 [Verg]:Cat_2 & 10, poems mocking Ventidius and Annius Cimber.
39/5 Ventidius drives Labienus out of Asia Minor, and defeats him near the
39/8 Ventidius defeats the Parthians on Mount Amanus.
39/9 Ventidius recovers Syria, and puts Silo in charge of the Roman army
38/7 Ventidius defeats and kills Pacorus, the son of the Parthian king,
38/13 Ventidius sends Machaeras with an army to assist Herodes.
38/17 The triumph of Ventidius: the first triumph won by a Roman general
    Within translations:
FastTr_p109   October) [38] & P. Ventidius P.f., proconsul, & from Mount
Festus:Brev_18   Mount Caper, P. Ventidius Bassus, with a few men, engag
Hieron:Chron_1962   rhae. [not in Ar.] Ventidius was the first Roman general
Joseph:AJ_14.392-395 *   At the same time Ventidius, the general of the Romans,
Joseph:AJ_14.420   time at Athens, and that Ventidius, who was now in Syria,
Joseph:AJ_14.421   and sent Silo away to Ventidius, while he marched again
Joseph:AJ_14.434   ians were defeated, when Ventidius sent Machaeras to the
Joseph:BJ_1.288-291 *   In the mean time Ventidius, the Roman general, was sent
Joseph:BJ_1.309   abode at Athens, while Ventidius called for Silo and Her
Joseph:BJ_1.317   ntry, and Pacorus slain) Ventidius, by Antonius's command,
Just_42.4   vast force, the camp of Ventidius, who, like Cassius befo
Oros_6.18   a conclusion. 24 He placed Ventidius in charge of Syria and
SelPap_1.77   his excellency the dioecetes, Ventidius Rufinus .
ValMax_6.9.9   eyes of the people P. Ventidius, a beardless youth, in the

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