Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 598


Greek text:   Sylloge_598.B ,   Magnesia_119 ,   Magnesia_9 ,   Magnesia_120   ( I.Magn. 91 )
Date:     194 B.C.
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When they confirmed the inviolability of Magnesia, the Aetolians also permitted the Magnesians to send hieromnemones to the Amphictyonic council ( Syll_554 ). Sosikles, who was acting as hieromnemon at the time of this inscription, had been one of the envoys who were sent to request recognition of the city's inviolability ( Syll_558 ).

[A] [Decree of the councillors of the Aetolians]

  * * *

[B] [Decree of the Amphictyonic council]

. . . [it was resolved by the hieromnemones of the Amphictyons: since Sosikles of Magnesia on the Maiandros, the son of Diokles, who was sent] by the city of Magnesia [to act as hieromnemon, has conducted himself during his residence here] in a fine and honourable manner; [and has along with his colleagues performed his duties pertaining to the sacrifices in a manner worthy] of the city of Magnesia [and of the Amphictyonic council; and has ably performed] his duties pertaining to the Pythian games; [and] has taken good [care of the agonothetes] and his fellow hieromnemones; therefore it is resolved [to praise Sosikles] of Magnesia, the son of Diokles, and to crown him [with a golden crown] on account of his [virtue] and the goodwill [which] he has continually shown [towards] the Amphictyons. [The award of the the crown] shall be announced each [year] at the Soteria, in the gymnastic contest, [along with the other awards of crowns]; and[ the agonothete] of the Leukophryena games at Magnesia shall take take care of the announcement. So that this decree [may be preserved for all time], it shall be inscribed [on two stone steles, one of which shall be placed] in the temple at Delphi, and the other [in the theatre at Magnesia; and the secretary of the hieromnemones] shall provide the money for the cost of the steles.

[C] Letter of the Delphians

[From the archons] and the city of Delphi to the [council and people] of Magnesia, [greetings]. Know that Sosikles, [who was sent] by you [to act as hieromnemon], has performed a full sacrifice . . . and three animals, in a manner worthy of the gods and yourselves; and he has displayed complete reverence [during his residence here]; and his conduct [amongst us] has been worthy of one sent to perform such duties; therefore [we have decided] to write to you concerning him. [Farewell].

[D] Decree of the Aetolian league

When Thoas of Trichonion was general for the second time, at the Thermic games, when Nikandros of Trichonion [was hipparch] and the secretaries [of the councillors] were . . . of Hypata and Mikkylion of Physkos: since Sosikles [and Aristodamos] of Magnesia on the Maiandros, the sons of Diokles, have always used every [effort and zeal] both publicly in serving the people of the [Aetolians, and] privately in aiding those who have visited their city; and [they have made] their good intentions clear, as witnesses have stated on their behalf; therefore it is resolved by [the Aetolians] to praise Sosikles and Aristodamos of Magnesia [on account of] their good intentions towards the Aetolian league, and to grant [them] proxeny and citizenship of our people, according to the law. [A pledge] was provide by ...tas of Polis, the son of Drakon.

[E] Letter of the general of the Aetolians

Dikaiarchos to the council and people of Magnesia, greetings. [Sosikles], who was sent out by you to act as hieromnemon, resided here [in a fine] and seemly manner; and joined [in performing] the sacrifices [for the gods] as was fitting; and [has ably performed] his duties for the Pythian games; and [has taken good care] of the agonothetes and of his fellow hieromnemones; and as a result the councillors and the Amphictyons have honoured him; therefore [we also] have decided to write to you concerning him. You will do well then to acknowledge the [praise] and the honours that have been given [to Sosikles. Farewell.]

inscription 599

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