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  Dicaearchus   - Greek philosopher and geographer, late 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
295/4 Dicaearchus measures the height of the Greek mountains.
295/5 on the diverse and erudite writings of the philosopher Dicaearchus.
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_75 calls Nicostratus, but Dicaearchus and his followers cal
Athen_1.14 own countrywoman; but Dicaearchus attributes it to the
Athen_13.557 ines in all his wars; as Dicaearchus relates in the third
Athen_13.594 nts and songs. And Dicaearchus, in his Essay on the Descen
Athen_13.603 hion. Accordingly, Dicaearchus, in his treatise On the Sac
Athen_14.620 Empedocles, as is asserted by Dicaearchus in his History
Athen_14.636 which are mentioned by Dicaearchus, in his essay On the
Athen_14.641 a second supper.' But Dicaearchus, in the first book
Demetr:Eloc_182 iting may be quoted from Dicaearchus, who says: `At Elia
Philoch_59 . . that is what Dicaearchus wrote, but Philochorus in
Poseidon_98 as much again as its width. Dicaearchus agreed with Dem

  Dicaearchus 2   of Laodiceia - a courtier of Antiochus IV
167/14a ecree of Delphi in honour of Dicaearchus of Laodiceia, a courtier of

  Dicaearchus 3   of Trichonium - general of the Aetolian league, 195/4 B.c.
Syll_598 (194)   eral of the Aetolians Dikaiarchos to the council
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   e again. When Dikaiarchos of Trichonion was general

  Dicaearchus 4   of Thria - an Athenian general, serving the Macedonian kings
234/5c 63;s in Attica, in honour of Dicaearchus, a general of Demetrius II.
    Within translations:
THI_39 (235/4)   nesippos, that since Dikaiarchos had carried on his

  Dicaearchus   - in documents
OGIS_59 (163)   on of Koiranos   Dikaiarchos son of Apollonide
SelPap_2.357 west that of Claudius Dicaearchus, ex-magistrate of
Syll_436 (254/3 or 250/49)   Neoptolemos], Gelon, Dikaiarchos, Stratagos, Kroby
Syll_499 (soon after 230)   oteles, Phalausias, Dikaiarchos, Daïmachos,
THI_109 (c. 150)   Polemarchos son of Dicaiarchos and Hagias son of Po

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