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  Caiatinus   (A. Atilius Caiatinus) - Roman consul, 258 B.C.
  + Atilius
258/_ Consuls: A. Atilius A.f. Caiatinus, C. Sulpicius Q.f. Paterculus
258/8 very of M.Calpurnius rescues Atilius from an ambush while marching
256/2 The triumph of A.Atilius, over Sicily and the Carthaginians.
254/_ Cn. Cornelius L.f. Scipio Asina (II), A. Atilius A.f. Caiatinus (II)
254/15b Atilius dedicates a temple to Fides.
249/19 Romans appoint a dictator, A.Atilius, to take charge of the war in
240/46 A.Atilius Caiatinus is recognized as an outstanding citizen of Rome.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p54 [258] & A. Atilius A.f. C.n. Caiatinus , C. Sulpicius
FastCap_p56 sina II , A. Atilius A.f. C.n. Caiatinus II [253] & Cn.
FastTr_p100 Atilius A.f. C.n. Caiatinus, praetor, & naval triumph ove

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