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  Geminus   (P. Servilius Geminus) - Roman consul, 252 B.C.
  + Servilius
252/_ Consuls: C. Aurelius L.f. Cotta, P. Servilius Q.f. Geminus
248/_ Consuls: C. Aurelius L.f. Cotta (II), P. Servilius Q.f. Geminus (II)
248/7 The consul P.Servilius is almost indistinguishable from his twin brot
    Within translations:
Cic:Acad_2.84   person looking at Publius Servilius Geminus ** used to think he
Cic:Acad_2.85   it is possible for Publius Geminus to appear to you to
FastCap_p56   otta , P. Servilius Q.f. Cn.n. Geminus censors: M'. Valeri

  Geminus 2   (Cn. Servilius Geminus) - Roman consul, 217 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Servilius
217/_ Consuls: Cn. Servilius P.f. Geminus, C. Flaminius C.f. (II)
217/45 Servilius raids the African coast.
    Within translations:
Cic:Tusc_1.89   the death of Paulus and Geminus; or Venusia, that of Marcellus:
Ennius:Ann_210   Annales (in a sketch of Geminus Servilius, a man of noble
FastCap_p60   217] & Cn. Servilius P.f. Q.n. Geminus , C. Flaminius C.f.
Nepos_23.4   ex-consuls, including Gnaeus Servilius Geminus, who had been consul

  Geminus 3   (C. Servilius Geminus) - Roman consul, 203 B.C.
  + Servilius
203/_ Consuls: Cn Servilius Cn.f. Caepio, C. Servilius C.f. Geminus
201/1 C.Servilius Geminus is appointed dictator to hold consular elections.
201/2 C.Servilius celebrates the festival of Cerealia for the first time
    Within translations:
FastCap_p62 aepio , C. Servilius C.f. P.n. Geminus dictator: P. Sulpic

  Geminus 4   (M. Servilius Pulex Geminus) - Roman consul, 202 B.C.
202/_ Consuls: Ti. Claudius P.f. Nero, M. Servilius C.f. Pulex Geminus
    Within translations:
FastCap_p62 C.f. P.n. Pulex Geminus - in order to hold elections

  Geminus 5   (Fufius Geminus) - Roman commander in Pannonia, 34 B.C.
34/2 Helvius and Geminus suppress revolts by the Iapydes and Pannonians.

  Geminus 6   (T. Prifernius Geminus) - a friend of Pliny the Younger
Wikipedia entry
Plinius:Ep_7.1 Fabatus & 33 Tacitus [1] & To Geminus. I am alarmed to
Plinius:Ep_7.24 him. & Farewell. [24] & To Geminus. Ummidia Quadratill
Plinius:Ep_8.5 be alluded to here. [5] & To Geminus. Our friend Macrinu
Plinius:Ep_8.22 too. & Farewell. [22] & To Geminus. Did you ever come
Plinius:Ep_9.11 asures. & Farewell. [11] & To Geminus. I received your
Plinius:Ep_9.30 latter. & Farewell. [30] & To Geminus. When you are with

  Geminus   - in documents
THI_215 Piso and Aulus Ducinius [Geminus were superintendent

Geminussee Cicurinus3

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