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  Locri   (Epizephyrian Locris) - a Greek colony, on the southern "toe" of Italy
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  + Locrian , Locrians
280/14 Locri and other places desert from the Romans.
275/11 Pyrrhus sacks the town of Locri, together with the temple of Persepho
275/12 Pyrrhus' fleet is caught in a storm after leaving Locri.
215/39 The Carthaginians capture Locri and Croton.
208/14 Hannibal relieves Locri, after failing to trick his way into Salapia.
205/15 The Romans recapture Locri, despite a counter-attack by Hannibal.
205/17 The vicious conduct of Pleminius as Roman governor of Locri.
204/5 conduct of Scipio in Sicily, and the crimes of Pleminius at Locri.
155/11 the Romans not to demand troops from Locri during the Dalmatian War.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_6.273 in Inopus, and come to Locri to deliver Alcetis from the
Athen_12.541 came to the city of the Locrians, which was his metropoli
Just_18.1 rhus; among others also Locri, betraying the Roman garris
Just_18.2 Alexander, therefore, at Locri, and securing the cities
Polyaen_6.22.1 Thucydides, 6.46] [22] The Locrians. The Italian Locri
PsCallisth_1.45 by other cities, he came to Locri. The soldiers halted

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