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  Staienus   (C. Staienus) - a Roman juror, convicted of accepting bribes in 74 B.C.
  + Staieni
108/16 eius Bithynicus, P.Autronius, C.Staienus and other mediocre orators.
76/28 Staienus accepts a bribe to fix the decision in a court case at Atell
74/24 is condemned for permitting Staienus to hand out bribes during the
72/58 Staienus, Bulbus, and Septimius Scaevola, who were involved in the
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_241 than ability.- C. Staienus, who changed his name into Ael
Cic:Brut_244 low as to mention the Staieni and Autronii!" "As I have
Cic:Brut_251 plague us with Autronii and Staieni without end. But

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