Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 692


Greek text:   IG_2².1132 ,   lines 40-94
Date:   130/29 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

In this decree, the Amphictyonic Council renewed the privileges which they had granted to the Dionysiac Artists over a century previously. The inscription at Athens also recorded their original decree ( Syll_399 ).

From the Metroön.   In the year of Demostratos as archon, in the month of Boëdromion; from the council of the Amphictyons to the council and people of the Athenians, greetings. The following envoys came to us on behalf of the artists who belong to the guild in your city:

We thought that we should send the response, which they received from us, to you as well, and therefore we have attached a copy of our decree.

In the year of Aristion son of Anaxandrides as archon at Delphi; in the month of Boukatios, at the Pythia; with the following men acting as hieromnemones :

The artists of Dionysos at Athens sent us the following envoys to announce their resolution:

Since in their resolution they recall the immunity and security that was previously granted to the artists at Athens by the decree of the Amphictyons, and then urge the Amphictyons to continue to act in accordance with the wishes of their predecessors, by maintaining the rights that were voted for the artists; therefore, so that the Amphictyons may be seen to confirm the previous decree, it is resolved by the Amphictyons to grant the artists at Athens immunity and security for ever, just as they have had from the beginning; and they shall not be forced to serve as soldiers, and nobody shall be allowed to prosecute an artist who belongs to the guild at Athens at any time, either during war or during peacetime; nobody shall be allowed to despoil or prosecute them, but they shall be dedicated to the gods, and free from all other obligations, unless someone charges them with a private debt. If anyone acts in contravention of these provisions, he may be brought to trial before the Amphictyons, both himself and the city in which the crime against the artists was committed, so that by these provisions the artists at Athens may retain their immunity and security, and the Amphictyons may be seen to act in accordance with the wishes of their predecessors. This decree shall be inscribed and set up at Delphi, and also a copy of the decree shall be sent to the Athenian people, so that the artists at Athens may receive the privileges that have been granted to them by the Amphictyons. The artists at Athens shall retain these privileges, as long as they are not contrary to the interests of the Romans.

inscription 693

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