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  Athenaeus   - a general of Antigonus I
311/8 The Nabataeans defeat Athenaeus, the general of Antigonus.
Athen_11.480   city of our boon-companion Athenaeus. They are like phialai,

  Athenaeus 2   - son of Midias; the cousin of Attalus II, king of Pergamon
142/11 OGIS_331.2, a letter from Attalus to Athenaeus.
    Within translations:
RC_66 (135)   ried the daughter of Athenaios son of Midias - that

  Athenaeus 3   - dioecetes of Egypt, first century B.C.
63/32 BGU_1749, instructions from Athenaeus for the payment of soldiers'

  Athenaeus 4   of Eretria - a flatterer of Sisyphus, tyrant of Ephesus
Athen_6.252 Greek Affairs, says that Athenaeus the Eretrian was a flat

  Athenaeus 5   of Naucratis - the author of the Deipnosophists, 3rd century A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_2.44   lines. [20.] [44] Athenaeus then, having delivered this
Athen_2.58   "I will tell you," said Athenaeus; " Phylarchus the Athen
Athen_5.211   rning whom our companion Athenaeus has spoken in his treat
Athen_11.781   cups." It is even gentlemanly, Athenaeus says, to pass the time
Athen_11.784   gushes from the bees."   Athenaeus further says that the men
Athen_15.702   book of the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus }

  Athenaeus 6   - a poet, the author of several epigrams about philosophers
DiogLaert_7.30 oks of wisdom. And Athenaeus, the Epigrammatic poet, speak
DiogLaert_10.11 was the chief good; who Athenaeus thus mentions in an epi

  Athenaeus 7   - the father of Metrodorus, 4th century B.C.
DiogLaert_10.22 Metrodorus, the son of Athenaeus or Timocrates and Sande

  Athenaeus 8   - a Syrian general, 2nd century B.C.
Diod_34.17 laments. &   Athenaeus, Antiochus' general, soon met

  Athenaeus 9   - son of Attalus I, and brother of Eumenes II
Syll_629   (182)   alos, Philetairos and Athenaios and their mother q
THI_197   (c. 180-160) decree [about] honouring Athenaios, their [benefactor who] see

  Athenaeus 10   - a musician and composer of paeans, 2nd century B.C.
Paean:Delph_1   written by a musician called Athenaeus in 128 B.C. & Ada
Paean:Delph_2   larities to the paean of Athenaeus, but is rather better
Syll_698.B   (128/7) composed] by . . . Athenaios.   { followed by the

  Athenaeus   - in documents
Antiphil_7.641 blast - was erected by Athenaeus for the public, so that
DioscEpigr_12.170 hom the honey-complexioned boy Athenaeus swore. [12.171]
OGIS_213 (c. 300/299)   hanephoros [(?) after Athenaios] shall allocate m
OGIS_226 of Hippomachos son of Athenaios, who restored fre
OGIS_59 (163)   gnetos Kallistagoras Athenaios Kleostratos Athenodo
RC_48 (197-159)   ] . . . Apollas, Theodoros, Athenaios [and] . . .,
RC_66 (135)   t you know that Athenaios the son of Sosandros, fo
RC_67 (135)   editary priest, my Athenaios, who exceeds in piety
SEG_19.504 of Athenodorus son of Athenaeus, my father; there
SEG_59.1406A (281)   d Pollichos sons of Athenaios Athenaios son of Apol
Syll_322 oulos son of Agasikrates Athenaios son of Dameas Ap
Syll_410 (? 277-275)   of Iatrokleiēs Athenaios son of Dionysios An
Syll_442 (261-248)   ropoios}, namely: (?) Athenaios son of Eupolis Ph
THI_61.D (173-169)   thmian boys:   Athenaios of Patara in Lycia, th
THI_64 (263-236)   uenor   ,   Athenaios of Eresos the son o
THI_90 (311-306)   ros of Abdera, son of Athenaios   : 600 Stepha
THI_98 (250-200)   son of Metrodoros 80 Athenaios son of Zopyrion ,

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