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  Eupolis   - a writer of Old Comedy, 5th century B.C.
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Athen_05.216 in his archonship that Eupolis exhibited the comedy Auto
Athen_06.236 atterers; from whom also Eupolis gave this title to his
Athen_06.266 a master," which is used by Eupolis, in his Friends.
Athen_10.425 and it is mentioned by Eupolis, in his play called The
Cic:Brut_38 elegance, and not, as Eupolis relates of Pericles, to
Cic:Brut_59 goddess, who is said by Eupolis to have dwelt on the lips
Philoch_135 to Sicily. He is mentioned by Eupolis in his Cities. see

  Eupolis   - in documents
Syll_322 andros Aichylinos son of Eupolis Nossos son of Hekatod
Syll_329 (c. 306/5)   Phaselis, the son of Eupolis, and to crown him with
Syll_440 (265/4)   cil were Agetor, Timogenes, Eupolis, [Deinon] and E
Syll_442 (261-248)   (?) Athenaios son of Eupolis Philon son of Heroson
Syll_489 (c. 234)   . Delphians: Eupolis, [Kallikles] Histiaians: Kl

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